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Take a few moments and ask yourself the following questions about your business or nonprofit organization.
“Is my business or organization  where I want it to be at this point in time?”
“Is my company effective in producing product/services at a rate that is providing me with the profit margin that I had anticipated for this year?” 
"To date, has my company met any of  its quarterly annual goals?"
"Has your business approach changed to reflect trends in the economy?"
"Have you been able to “think out of the box” and stay a step ahead of your business's or organization's competition?"
"Is your business or organization floundering?  Have you lost your focus?"

 If any of your answers do not reflect a pattern of positive corporate growth, then it’s definitely time for a change!

Let Rockford Kingsley assist you in developing an effective strategic plan that will provide the tools necessary to improve your company’s productivity. What you do today will affect the future growth of your company and its ability to survive in this challenging economic environment.
The choice is yours

Get started today by calling Rockford Kingsley at (631) 608-0598 or e-mail at: for a free consultation! Take the first step towards making your company the success you want it to be!


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Rockford Kingsley is a firm that gets to the core of operational issues facing businesses and nonprofit organizations.  We provide clients with innovative operational strategies that challenges them to think differently about their businesses. We do more than work for clients. We form collaborative partnerships as we develop operational plans that promote the strategic growth of their businesses or nonprofit organizations. We encourage and support clients to conceptualize opportunities in the competitive threats of their respective industries. Further, we develop outcomes assessment plans that empower our clients to make effective business decisions, and to take their businesses and organizations to the next level of success.    ...Read More  


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The primary focus of Rockford Kingsley is to provide quality services that help clients achieve business success and long-term organizational sustainability.  Whether you are an executive for a large corporation, a mid-sized business, a small business owner or an officer for a nonprofit organization, the services provided by Rockford Kingsley will assist you as you strive to meet your fiscal goals and proceed on your operational effectiveness journey.    Among the services provided by Rockford Kingsley are the development and implementation of business and organizational profiles, strategic planning, business plans, outcomes assessment plans, customer and employee engagement and retention strategies, evaluation of processes and procedures, leadership strategies and compliance.  Whatever your business or organizational needs, Rockford Kingsley has the solution to meet your needs.
Rockford Kingsley offers clients three strategic packages that are designed to meet the operational needs of businesses and nonprofit organizations.  These packages are our Alpha Strategy, All Seasons Strategy and Focused Operational Solutions Strategy.    ...Read More

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