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Perspectives on the
Wonderment of Your Life
About This Series of Articles
Life in all its wonderment surrounds and resides in us every day. Perspectives on the Wonderment of Your Life will feature a series of essays that will provide reflections on the abundance and joy in our lives. ...Read More About Perspectives on the Wonderment of Your Life




Perspectives on the Wonderment of Your Life

 Edward F. Gibbons, Jr.

Empower Each Moment, Each Day of Your Life:

Convert YourTo Do ListsToOpportunity Lists
"Opportunity is missed by most people 
because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work
                                                             ~ Thomas Alva Edison
Have you ever awakened from a good night's sleep and dreaded the day ahead of you because of the tasks on your infamous "To Do List?"  Well, if you have, you are not alone. Tens of thousands of people world-wide start each day in a disempowered state because of the tasks that are on their "To Do Lists." Some of the items were added to their lists because the tasks had to get done that day - procrastination could not put off the inevitable deadline that loomed! Or perhaps, items were added as a result of requests from other people. For whatever reasons the tasks ended up on a "To Do List," one point remains true - tens of thousands of people face each day with a multitude of tasks that prevent them from enjoying one single moment of their day!
It is the moments in our day that fuel our passion, our zest for life. When we begin a day in a disempowered state, it is difficult for us to recognize and appreciate the true value of our daily experiences. Further, when we take into account our hectic schedules it is no wonder that we feel a sense of emptiness at the end of the day. With our days filled with "To Do List" tasks and almost no time to sit quietly and reflect, how can we keep in mind that each moment in time is unique and precious? How can we ignite our passion for life if we don't cherish, look forward to, and fully embrace the moments that fill our daily lives?
The answer to the above questions can be found in the process we take as we plan for each day. Instead of beginning each day with disempowering "To Do Lists," let's take a different approach. What if we were to look deeper into our "To Do Lists" and begin each day with empowering "Opportunity Lists?" The development of "Opportunity Lists" can excite us as we begin each day.  The realization of the opportunities that are an outcome of our lists can sustain that excitement throughout the day and possibly for the remainder of the week!
As emphasized in the above quote from Thomas Alva Edison, embedded in each of our tasks is a wealth of opportunities. All we need to do is to take a few moments and reflect on our tasks and conceptualize them as being more than having to do something. We need to "peel off each task's skin" and reveal the succulent nourishment of opportunity that exists directly under the "task's skin." If we reflect further, we will reveal the task's inner core of opportunity - the seeds that create the bounty that will continuously nourish our passion filled lives. It is from these seeds that we can develop opportunities that will enable us to achieve, create, inspire, teach, and learn. The opportunity seeds that lie within each "task's skin" and fleshy middle layer will lead us to take positive action that will make a difference in not only our lives but also in the lives of people we meet.   So, let us begin each day by consuming the succulence of opportunity that resides under the "skin" of our tasks.  Let us harvest and nurture the seeds of opportunity that exists in each task.    If we take this approach as we plan our day we will cherish and fully embrace the moments of our lives! We will become excited both mentally and emotionally about the rest of the day!
The following table provides a few examples how we can take ordinary "To Do List" items and transform them into a list of opportunities that will nourish our zest for the moments that await us each day. In each of the examples, a typical "To Do List"item is reframed to emphasize the layers of opportunities that each task can have for an individual.  The elements contained in the "Opportunity List" column provide a framework for on-going positive action. For someone who has adopted and nurtured an "Opportunity List" mindset, the potential for contribution and growth does not end with the completion of the task.   For these individuals, the possibilities are endless because opportunities beget opportunities!! 
Today, before you do anything else, conceptually reframe your disempowering "To Do List." Create a nourishing "Opportunity List" and plant the seeds for continuous self-improvement. When you do this you will become aware of all the opportunities that await you each moment of your day. You will experience the wonderment that is your life!!


To Do List
(The Skin of Each Task)
Opportunity List
(The Nourishment and Seeds
of Growth of Each Task)
Prepare for a morning meeting
with the marketing team


  • Make a list of all the ways the company’s new product line can benefit consumers.
  • How can I team-up with the marketing team to increase sales for the quarter?

Seeds of Growth 

  • How can each product be made better for the consumers?
  • What new products could be developed and added to the line?  



Do Grocery shopping for the week
  • What food items can I buy that will provide quality nourishment for my family?
  • How can my family spend quality time together during the preparation and eating of meals?
Seeds of Growth

  • In what way can I use meal planning to create a healthy lifestyle for my family?
  • What new health promotion activities can I introduce to my family?





Mow The Lawn


  • While mowing the law I will reflect on all of the abundance in my life.  I will allow myself to feel the gratitude for that abundance.
  •  Notice how nice the mowed part of the lawn looks as compared to the unmowed areas of the lawn.  Take a few moments to smell the scent of the freshly cut grass.

Seeds of Growth

  • What can I do to become a source of encouragement for other people so that they may reflect on and appreciate the abundance in their lives?
  • Observe the fullness of the grass’s growth over the past few weeks.  How can I cultivate growth and renewal in other areas of my life? 


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