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Perspectives on the
Wonderment of Your Life
About This Series of Articles
Life in all its wonderment surrounds and resides in us every day. Perspectives on the Wonderment of Your Life will feature a series of essays that will provide reflections on the abundance and joy in our lives. ...Read More About Perspectives on the Wonderment of Your Life




Perspectives on the Wonderment of Your Life

 Edward F. Gibbons, Jr.


Your 2012 Novel

“We will open the book.  Its pages are blank.
We are going to put words on them ourselves.
The book is called Opportunity
and its first chapter is New Year's Day.”
                                           ~Edith Lovejoy Pierce
Welcome to 2012 and may this year bring you much happiness and prosperity.  As emphasized in the above quote by Edith Lovejoy Pierce, consider 2012 to be a nonfiction novel to be written by you. The publisher, Father Time Press, has asked that the book be 360 pages divided equally into twelve chapters. How will you write your novel? Will each page represent one day in the year? Will each chapter be represented by a month? Or, will you have some other organization? For example, will the chapters be your goals for the year, and will the pages within the respective chapters detail how your goals will be attained and what actions you took to reach your goals? However you organize and write your 2012 novel, it will be YOUR novel – a literary work dedicated to the passion in which you will live your life and the achievements that will be the result of your time and effort.
Now, let’s move forward to January 1, 2013. You are about to start your 2013 novel, but before you do you decide to re-read your 2012 novel. As you finish reading your novel and you reflect upon the material contained on the 360 pages, what conclusions will you make regarding the past year of your life? Would you consider the novel to be a best seller? Will you consider it to be a lasting tribute to one-year of your life? Will the novel be an inspiration to other people to live their lives with complete passion? Will the novel contain stories about how you encouraged and supported your family and friends? Will the novel be valued by society for all of the time and effort that you gave to others who were less fortunate than you?
On the other hand, will your 2012 novel be a work that you will not want to share with your family, friends, and society? Will it be devoid of inspirational deeds? Will it contain pages of selfishness and apathy? Will it be a novel that will have limited printing by Father Time Press because of the poor quality of the content contained in the book and the resultant poor sales?
If you felt regret as you read that last paragraph I have a fantastic gift for you. The pages of the book have not been written. You have the opportunity to change the published outcome to one that is represented in the second paragraph of this essay. You are so lucky to have this chance to make your 2012 story to be one that will have a lasting impact on everyone who reads the novel. Be inspired about 2012, and motivated that you have the talent to make your novel a best seller. Now, take pen in hand and start that literary journey, fully embrace all that you can be. Live by Rockford Kingsley’s motto: Cogita, Senti, Fac – Think It, Feel It, Do It.   I eagerly await the first printing of your 2012 novel. May you win a Pulitzer Prize.
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