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Dr. Edward Gibbons

"Dr. Gibbons has served as senior editor for two volumes on the conservation and well-being of species in captivity, has presented papers at over 40 professional conferences, and has presented lectures to the general public on the importance of saving endangered species of both animals and plants." 















 "In addition, during her tenure as the Dean of Students, Marilyn was actively involved in community affairs and in 2005 was awarded a United States Congressional Letter of Recognition for Service to the Long Island Community."


Executive Management


Edward F. Gibbons, Jr., Ph.D.


President and CEO


Edward F. Gibbons, Jr., Ph.D. is the President and CEO of Rockford Kingsley, Ltd. The mission of Rockford Kingsley is to encourage and support organizations and individuals in their pursuit of excellence and the attainment of their respective goals. In order to foster the attainment of Rockford Kingsley’s mission, Ed has utilized the Baldrige Excellence Framework and outcomes assessment for the continuous improvement and operational effectiveness for a variety of businesses; including those from the insurance, financial, floral, social support, therapy, medical, conflict resolution and mediation, ombudsman and real estate fields.   In addition, Ed has utilized the Baldrige Excellence Framework to promote operational excellence, continuous improvement and long-term sustainability for nonprofit organizations.

From 2012-2013 Ed served on the Board of Examiners for Partners in Performance Excellence which is the New York and Massachusetts Baldrige-based awards program. In addition to his Baldrige affiliation, Ed has served as an accreditation reviewer for the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.  In serving the Commission, Ed’s expertise focused on those accreditation standards devoted to mission and goals, institutional planning, resource allocation and renewal, outcomes assessment and operational effectiveness. 

Dr. Gibbons received his Ph.D. in psychology from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He has served as the Director of Research at the Audubon Zoological Gardens in New Orleans, Louisiana, and has had professional affiliations with a number of institutions, including: Southeastern Louisiana University, Tulane University, Louisiana State University Medical Center., and the State University of New York at Stony Brook. Dr. Gibbons has also served as a faculty member, departmental chair, dean, and vice president of institutional effectiveness and compliance. In addition to Ed’s affiliations with institutions of higher education, he has also served as the vice president of regulatory compliance for a large education corporation. During Dr. Gibbons’s career as a scientist and administrator he has been the recipient of federal research grants, and has served as a grant reviewer for the National Science Foundation and chaired a special study section for the National Institutes of Health. He has authored over 20 scientific articles, presented papers at over 40 professional conferences, and has reviewed scientific articles for a number of scientific journals.   In addition to the above, Ed has served as a judge at Louisiana State University Medical Center’s graduate student and postdoctoral research day and at the New York City Science and Engineering Fair. Dr. Gibbons’s professional biography has appeared in a number of notable publications; including: Who's Who in America, Who's Who in the World, Who's Who in the East and Who's Who in Science and Technology.




Marilyn D'Onofrio, M.S.


Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer

Marilyn has taught in both the New York City public school system, and as a college lecturer in the department of business administration. She went on to serve as the Dean of Student Services at a college on Long Island. In this role she was actively involved in helping students fulfill their educational goals by obtaining a four-year college degree in their respective fields of study. She always encouraged students to face any obstacles in their career paths with persistence and a positive attitude. In addition, during her tenure as the Dean of Students, Marilyn was actively involved in community affairs and in 2005 was awarded the United States Congressional Letter of Recognition for Service to the Long Island Community.
Marilyn is currently the Executive Vice President/Chief Operations Officer of Rockford Kingsley Ltd. This organization is devoted to encouraging and supporting individuals in their pursuit of personal and/or corporate excellence.
From 1978 through 1989 she was the President/Manager of a 60,000 square foot health club facility located in Port Washington, NY.  The club was devoted to the physical and emotional well-being of its members, and presented programs that were considered progressive for that time. The utilization of these innovative procedures resulted in a direction that changed the image of health clubs on Long Island.
As diverse as Marilyn’s professional journey as been, the common thread that both positions presented was an understanding of how physiological, psychological social and environmental factors can work together holistically, and ultimately determine whether or not that person will successfully reach their individual goals. She has brought this holistic approach to Rockford Kingsley and is focused on applying this knowledge to the company and helping our members integrate these factors and achieve success.
Marilyn D’Onofrio received both her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science degrees from the City University of New York. Throughout her life she has always had an interest in educational issues, sociological diversity and entrepreneurial pursuits.

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