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"Paint a masterpiece daily.  Always autograph your work with excellence."
                       ~ Greg Hickman
"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."
                  ~ Winston Churchill




Rockford Kingsley, Ltd.

Mission Statement


The mission of Rockford Kingsley is to

promote organizational excellence and

sustainability in small and mid-sized

businesses and nonprofit organizations. 


Rockford Kingsley’s mission is to promote organizational excellence and sustainability in small and mid-size businesses and in nonprofit organizations.  Located on Long Island, New York, Rockford Kingsley assists businesses and organizations in the development and effective implementation of an organizational infrastructure that is outcomes-based and promotes the engagement and retention of employees and customers.   Utilizing established business and scientific principles, Rockford Kingsley promotes operational effectiveness while striving to enhance organizational quality and strategic growth. Rockford Kingsley is committed to its Pillars of Excellence: courage, excellence, honesty, integrity, perseverance and service.   

Pillars of Excellence


The following are Rockford Kingsley, Ltd.’s Pillars of Excellence.  These Pillars are in the symbolic elements that comprise Rockford Kingsley’s crest.
Rockford Kingsley strives to help businesses and organizations to meet and overcome challenges in a manner that is consistent with their mission statements, fulfills their societal obligations, and does not infringe on the basic rights of the business community.  
Rockford Kingsley will always do what is right.  Honesty also includes telling the truth and taking responsibility for organizational actions. 

In all that we say and do, Rockford Kingsley will act in an ethical and trustworthy manner.  The organization will always strive to make the right choices and will conduct its actions in a manner that is transparent.  
Rockford Kingsley will always be steadfast in purpose.  When we enter into an agreement, whether internally or with other businesses and organizations, we will keep our word and fulfill the agreement to successful completion.  In spite of all challenges that we may encounter, we will never give up in our efforts to attain our organizational goals.
We will give of our time and talents to assist others in their pursuit of   worthwhile goals and organizational excellence.



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